Wireless Charging – 2.0

Next level technology in power transfer

Our World is going to change

The future of charging: electricity on-air

We develop a ground-breaking technology that enables wireless transfer of the electricity on-air. By coupling the Magnetic Resonance Technology (MRT) with the Radio Frequency technology (RF or RFT) we enable electronic/electrical equipment to power and/or charge, independently from cables Qi, or battery over distance.

  • Worlds first reliably working wirelessly over-air energy transfer solution!
  • Works now generally in low-wattage devices and mid-wattage devices
  • Charging of multiple devices simultaneously within a 360° range
  • Reduce waste of plastic and cables
  • Already a selection of use case prototypes available
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Make this world a better place to live in by using healthier technologies. Conscious people all over the world have to develop themselves too, do more to shun the detrimental techs to the health of all living beings and our environment, for becoming healthier in a clean environment. The stake of the usage of old technologies cannot be as high as depleting our world resources irresponsibly and consuming plastics continuously. We step in by making the usage of millions of tons of plastics, cables and batteries unnecessary.